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Frequently Asked Questions - Background Checks

FAQs - Background Checks

While you are free to use any company you choose, we recommend Intellicorp. 
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Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm Eastern, Monday - Friday 
Toll Free: 888-946-8355
Email: customerservice@intellicorp.net
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You will find all the forms you need in our Risk Management Document section. 
1. Give everyone a copy of the Sexual Misconduct Policy 
2. Have everyone sign in using the provided Sign In Sheet. 
3. Have everyone fill out the Background Check form. 

Minors are generaly not able to legally provide consent as persons under 18 are unable to enter legally binding agreements. Although you can request parental permission, in most cases juvenile records are sealed. We recommend running background checks on those who are 18 and older. 

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