Imagine ten teenagers at your house playing croquet. Now they decide your garage roof is the optimum putting green. You, being a youth pastor, think this is an excellent idea despite your wife’s protests. Welcome to my life as a teenager. I know I’ve talked about it before, but my youth group growing up did some pretty crazy things. I have to laugh at God’s planning of me working with ministries educating them on risk management when my child hood consisted of breaking all the rules I would advise today!

The nature of churches is to create and host events that bring the community in. While these showstopper ideas may draw a crowd, you need to think about the potential impact they could have on your ministry. If you build it they will come. While that saying is true, creating a motorcycle ramp to perform a jump over six cars is not the ideal event your ministry should be considering.  

Yes, you have church insurance. However, your insurance was designed to cover standard church related events. Target practice in the parking lot on Wednesday nights does not fall under standard church activities. These types of events may require a special insurance policy which would be an additional premium. Learn more about these coverages here: Evaluating Events

Most importantly it is important to consider the impact these events could have on your ministry should you have a claim. Let’s say you decided to host an archery camp. While the kids are practicing loading their arrows, a child accidentally misfires and severely injures another child. If you haven't already set up a special events policy or received approval from your current carrier for this activity your ministry is not protected. Now think about the thousands of dollars in medical bills, and the inevitable law suit that follows from the injured child's family. Does your ministry have the financial means to survive this accident? Even if you do, was hosting an archery camp worth it? 

If you are thinking about hosting any sort of event please give us a call. It is important to make sure that coverage is in place before accidents happen.